As always for the organization Paytm who is involved in offering exciting cashback offers through different collaborations in the market is now back with another collaboration with the snacks company Kurkure offering an exciting cashback offer. Cashback offers worth Rs.10, Rs.20 and Rs. 35 are being offered on the purchase of the Kurkure packs. If you are a Paytm user you can avail this cashback offer on paytm by entering the 16 digit promo code present on the Kurkure packaging. To get the benefit of this offer visit your nearby stores and grab a Kurkure now.

If you in a need of step by step guide for how to apply for this cashback offer then here it is for you.

1. First of all you need to buy any one of the Kurkure packet of Rs,10, Rs.20, Rs.35 and make sure that the Paytm cashback offer is mentioned on its wrapper.

2. Now open the Kurkure pack and search for a 16 digit promocode which you will find in the inner walls of the packet.

3. After obtaining the promo code visit the Paytm official website.

4. Now enter the 16 digit Paytm code (promo code) which you get in Kurkure.

5. After this tap on the Proceed button, after that you need to scan with Paytm app to log in.

6. After logging in you will get your cashback directly in the Paytm wallet.

Don’t know about the Paytm wallet. As paytm revolutionized the e-commerce industry with the introduction of e- wallet or electronic wallet which has been touted popularly as the game changing move. And with the introduction of these technologies it is continuing to be the most popular and biggest digital e-commerce and digital wallet service in India. Taking about e-wallet it is an application where the customer can store his money by transferring money to its e-wallet from the bank account and use it for different applications like booking tickets, bill payment services and many others. Even the offers and cashback introduced by Paytm gets their money deposited in your this e-wallet only and not get transferred to your bank account making it easy for you to get that earned money to be used in these payments directly without any transfer required.

Returning to the Paytm Kurkure offer then there is a limit of five time upto which you can receive the cashback in your Paytm e-wallet using a single Paytm associated account or number. And if your bank account is not linked with the Paytm UPI, then you will not be able to receive the cashback.

Hope you got what are the steps you need to follow to get this cashback offer on paytm and get the maximum benefit out of it. In case if you feel you have any doubt then feel free to reach us.

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